“Poetry is the way we help give name to the nameless so it can be thought. The farthest external horizons of our hopes and fears are cobbled by our poems, carved from the rock experiences of our daily lives.” —Audre Lorde, “Poetry Is Not a Luxury”

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26534545The Book 

A deeply funny and sharp memoir that shatters the notion that queer life belongs in cities, that family is always heteronormative, that gender can ever be neatly settled, and that a good romance ends on your wedding day. In vivid, heartfelt, and accessible writing, this memoir shows how the messiness of life interrupts the most well-argued academic concepts of gender identity, sexuality, class, disability, rural versus urban political geographies, and even our sense of time.

The Author

Dr. Paige Schilt is a writer, mother, teacher, activist and band wife. Her stories have appeared on The Bilerico ProjectOffbeat FamiliesMutha Magazine and Brain, Child. She is a frequent speaker and facilitator at conferences, including Gender Odyssey, Contemporary Relationships, Creating Change and Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit. Schist is married to Katy Koonce, frontman for the band Butch County. They live in Austin, Texas, with their son.


“A well-balanced, soul-searching family memoir with broad appeal.” —Kirkus Reviews

Why This Book

“A lot of old-school trans partner narratives focus on themes of secrets, discovery, disclosure. I wanted to tell a different kind of story—one where my partner’s trans identity was part of what made her sexy and part of what made me fall in love with her from the very beginning…I met with some mainstream agents and editors who wanted me to write a more tragic, sensational story. When I met the guys at Transgress Press, it was like night and day. They just ‘got’ the story and were very enthusiastic about it. Plus, they give 40 percent of profits back to LGBTQ community organizations, so I knew there was a good match with our activist values.” —Paige Schilt in OutSmart

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